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This is a page for my other interests – I think the title says it all!  I’ll put anything that I feel like here.. probably mostly review type posts.

iKegger brewing gear 25 March 2017
Before we had kids I used to brew beer a lot.  I built my own font out of a SCUBA cylinder mounted on a chest freezer, and had four taps of goodness under the house behind the old stable door under the house.  I built by own little microbrewery, imported old kegs, brought a conical fermenter back from the US as my second bag (that’s another story!), and generally enjoyed it.  Then two things happened – we had kids, and we got flooded in the 2011 Queensland floods.

Fast forward six years and with my wife complaining about the amount I spend on beer, I decided it was time to get back into brewing.  On boxing day 2016, an advert for iKegger gear popped up in my Facebook feed, and the rest, as they say, was history.  I saw their gear as the perfect way to have my taps inside a converted freezer off my main kegs, secured away from little fingers.  The best bit is that this also gives a portable system at a moments notice.

So, after a few to many beers on boxing day, I ordered two mini gas regulators, a sodastream cylinder adapter, some 10g CO2 cartridges, two 4L kegs, an insulated growler, two new beer taps, and all the connecting bits and pieces I needed.  It all arrived very quickly, but then I went back to work!

The next public holiday gave me the push I needed and I brewed 42L of Weizen of my own design (I brew from grain, hops and yeast on my own design three tier system).  Two weeks later was kegging time, which meant the iKegger package got opened.

All of the gear seems to be really good quality, but only time will tell on the grade of stainless and brass.  I was super impressed with absolutely everything needed being in the boxes, along with spare o-rings, adapters and seals for everything.  Spares included is just classy.

I was also impressed how it all just fitted together perfectly.  It took me 30 minutes and a beer to assemble the two regulators (one on a sodastream cylinder, the other on the little 10g disposable cartridge) and the taps ready for use.  That same day, I kegged my two 19L kegs and a 4L keg from the chilled 4 deg C fermenter.  A quick force carbonation from the sodastream regulator and then with the 4L keg daisy chained to a 19L, I was ready to go.

This is where I am really impressed.  Weizen is a highly carbonated beer and in the past I have always spent ages dialing in flow restrictors.  With the new setup it just works.  Both daisy chained in the freezer (which obviously has an external thermostat running it a 4 deg C) running from the sodastream, or the 4L keg on the kitchen table with the disposable 10g CO2.  The setup, tap and pour is just beautiful.


And when my wife walked in and said “That’s just cute.  I see why you had to buy it” you know its got to be the bees knees.