On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, Sway to make a summary

Sway is a brand new cloud based software from Microsoft.  In simple terms, its creates a single webpage utilising content from almost any online source – either your own cloud storage such as OneDrive, or using creative common content from Bing. It is designed as a presentation tool – think PowerPoint crossed with Presi.


The really interesting bit is how easy it is to compile and then reshape (in sway speak, remix) the content into a range of different and interesting looks, feels or navigation styles.

Rather than talking about it though – just go to the Sway I have made compiling all of 12 Days of Christmas posts, and a bit of extra content and commentary.


Sway has a hug number of possibilities – from delivering content from the teacher as a kind of teacher built textbook, to creating nice looking infographic type documents, to student use for creation, presentation and authentic sharing of their created material.

At the moment, features are still being added – I’m looking forward to seeing integration with more cloud sources, embedding video, some kind of stylus support and perhaps the ability to record and add an audio track.  In the interim, making a screen recording of the sway with a narrative track would be an interesting way for teachers and students to create a mash up of sway and flipped classroom style video and audio.

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