Audio:Video sychronisation in Camtasia – the DIY clapper board with OneNote “add-in” in action

Yesterday I wrote about the making of my own DIY clapper board with OneNote “add-in”.  Today I want to show how it works.  There is really only one way to do this – and that’s with a video.

The neat thing with using my version of the clapper was setting it up as the plane to focus on, so even though I wasn’t in the shot, I could focus in the correct place.  It made the setup really easy for the shoot.

In the video, I use a Canon 7D camera with a 50mm f1.2 lens as my external video recorder, and the Surface Pro 3 with the Blue Nessie to record the screen and audio.  Well, that was the intent – the audio for the screencast segment is actually the internal microphone from the Surface Pro 3, as I forgot to plug the Blue Nessie back in after downloading the video file from the camera.  Doh!  But it gives a good comparison between the two microphones 🙂

I edited the components together using TechSmith Camtasia, which I really like for educational video production – its got great features, and is just plain easy.

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